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2 weekly/fortnightly budgeting
2 weekly/fortnightly budgeting

How to set budgets that occur every 2 weeks

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When setting a budget to occur every 2 weeks, one of the most important things is to ensure this is impacting the cash flow on the right 2 weeks within the month.

To begin within, click into the account the budget should be added to followed by ‘Create budget’.

In budget occurs, select ‘Every 2 weeks’ and using the start date set the date when the first budget for the series should occur. When you save this budget, the first budget will appear on the start date and then each subsequent budget will appear 2 weeks after that.

Depending on how the budgets fall across months, you may notice that a budget  occurs too early or late within the month. To correct this, click back into the cell where the budget exists and click into the budget.

As shown above, when clicking into a budget you will then see each occurrence of the budget from the cash flow and from here you can easily update the dates when the budget occurs. So you will always be able to have the budget impacting on the day you want within the cash flow. You can also edit the amounts of the budgets from the budget edit screen.

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