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Editing Repeating budgets
Editing Repeating budgets

Changing all budget occurrences

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Similar to the individual edit actions, the actions for editing multiple budgets at once are accessed by clicking into the budget cell and clicking into the budget to be edited.

These actions allow editing of all budget occurrences in a single action.

Ignore all budget payments, will exclude all the budget occurrences from the cash flow. These will remain in Float but not impact the cash flow

Include all budget payments, will reverse the ignoring and add the budgets back into the cash flow

Bulk edit will show the following screen

This is where you can edit the basic details of the budget, the frequency and the budget value. The start/end dates in this instance, set the date range for the changes to be applied. The example below shows changing the amount of the budget for all budget occurrences. The current budget values for each month will be shown at the side for easy reference.

For editing the date of the budgets, the date range will control this. For example, if there were a monthly budget to occur on the 15th of each month and it was to be changed to the 26th. Setting the date range to start on the 26th of the first budget month would make the budgets within the date range move to the 26th of each month. The only other thing to do would be to delete any budgets outside of the range, e.g. the budget on the 15th in the first month.

The name of the budget can also be changed from the edit budget screen.

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