What is 2-Factor Authentication
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2-Factor Authentication, also known as 2-Step Verification, adds an additional layer of security to your Float account. 2FA requires that you enter a verification code from your phone, or desktop authentication app, in addition to your regular log in credentials.

2-Factor Authentication will soon be mandatory in some regions, due to regulations regarding financial data access. You can read more about that here.

How to enable 2FA on your Float account:

- Head to your settings page in your Float account

- Click on 'Enable 2-factor authentication' in your Security Settings

- Set up an authenticator app either on your phone or via desktop

- Scan the QR code with your mobile-based app or enter the key on your desktop app

- This will enable you to access an authentication code on your app

- Enter the 6-digit code where prompted

- Download, print, or screenshot your backup codes. Why is this important?

If you have any problems when setting up 2-factor authentication on your account, please contact support here

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