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Combine account rows
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Once you have created groups for your chart of account rows in the main table in Float, you will be able to set budgets at a group level. To find out how to create a group click here.

To do this, simply click on the Table options drop down on the main cash flow page and then Personalise Accounts.

Existing accounts are shown in a list and split into Cash in and Cash out

Here you can choose from 2 options:

Combine rows will allow you to group together multiple accounts to show as one line in the cash flow table. It won't be possible to see the accounts in isolation and any budgets created will be for the group as a whole.

Create a group will also allow you to group together multiple accounts and see one line in the cash flow table for the group, however, each account can be seen from a drop-down in the main table and budgeting will still be against each individual account.


To combine rows, firstly, select which accounts should be included by clicking on the box next to the account name. This will activate the buttons at the top of the section to allow you to choose between combine rows or create a group.

Clicking on combine rows will bring up a popover where you can enter a name for the new row. Then hit 'Create' to combine.

The individual accounts will now be shown under the new name.

Returning to the table you will see the newly created row and the values shown will be for the total of all the accounts that have been included.

Budgets can now be created for the new row in the normal way.

To find out how to create a budget click here.

To find out how to remove a combined row click here.

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