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How the Daily Breakdown tab works
How the Daily Breakdown tab works
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The Daily Breakdown tab shows you a day by day list of all incoming and outgoing budgets, paid transactions, and future invoices and bills in the time frame that you set.

You can set your date range to include both past and future months:

You can click into any upcoming or past transaction to get more information. For future transactions, you can change the date it’s expected to be paid - whether it’s a budget or an invoice or bill.

If you’d prefer to just look at what’s already invoiced and exclude your budgets, you can filter out your budgets here:

When you keep your budgets included, you’ll see certain amounts as “Remaining budget for (fill in the blank)”.

This means that Float will show any budget amount that has not yet been fully taken up by an invoice, bill, or paid transaction. For instance, if I had a £10,000 sales budget, and £4,000 has already been paid, Daily Breakdown would show “Remaining budget for sales of £6000”.

The Daily Breakdown tab is a handy place to see a detailed list of upcoming and past transactions, and really dive into the detail.

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