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Creating a Project
Creating a Project

An introduction to Projects in Float.

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Creating Projects in Float allows you to see a cash flow of individual pieces of work that you have taken on for a particular client and see exactly how they fit into your overall company cash flow.

This helps you to:

  • See the visual impact of winning Projects

  • Organise and Plan ahead

  • Identify risk early

For example, as a Creative Agency, this might be a new web design for a client.

Creating a Project

To create a Project, you can either click the plus sign on the Projects section on the main cash flow page, or click on the Projects tab and then click 'Create Project'.

From here you can give your project a name, description, status; whether it’s proposed, won or complete and add a start and end date.

Project Statuses

The proposed status is typically used for those projects in initial discussions which haven’t been signed off by the client, you haven’t incurred any costs or invoiced the client yet. Any project with a status of 'proposed' can be toggled on and off from the main cash flow table.

This allows you to see the impact of winning or losing, any combination of proposed projects.

Whereas an Active project, is for projects in progress, where work has begun, incurring costs and the client has been invoiced

Once the Project has been created you will land on the 'Project cash flow' page, where you can add placeholders for Income and Costs you expect to happen, in order to build the Project cash flow.

If you already have Invoices and bills in Float these can be added directly.

Find out how to build your project here.

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