To help you better manage your Projects we've added a new 'Projects' tab.

To create a Project, you can either click the plus sign on the Projects section on the main cash flow page, or click on the Projects tab and then click 'Create Project'.

From here you can give your project a name, description, status; whether it’s proposed, won or complete and add a start and end date.

Once the Project has been created you will land on the 'Project cash flow' page where you can add placeholders for Income and Costs you expect to happen in order to build the Project cash flow. The placeholders will be shown in date order.

If any placeholders for income/costs or invoices/bills become overdue, these will be removed from your project cash flow until they have been updated. However Overdue Invoices and bills will be highlighted and remain in the list

Be sure to update the placeholders with new future dates or replace the placeholder with the invoice/bill or bank transaction associated.

To find out how to Replace or edit an income or cost item please click here.

To the right of the graph is a small box showing the total income, total costs, and the net movement

Please note: When a placeholder is replaced by an invoice, bill or bank transaction, the item will be moved automatically from the accounting category in the main cash flow to the Project.

If you are currently seeing a different view and have any questions please contact Support.

Click here to find out how to reschedule projects.

Click here to see how Projects are displayed in the main cash flow.

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