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Projects display
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Once you have created your first Project, this will display at the top of the table on the main cash flow page.

Additional Projects can be created by clicking on the blue plus sign from the table, or from the Projects tab.

Float will calculate the daily Net movements for the Project which will be factored into the overall company cash flow.

Within the Project section of the table, projects are split into Proposed, Active and Complete, with the option to toggle any proposed Projects off. This allows you to see the impact of winning or losing individual projects.

Projects will contribute to your cash flow in the following way:

Up to today: All paid invoices, bills and bank transactions dated prior to today.

Today: All paid or due invoices, bills, bank transactions and placeholders dated today.

Tomorrow onwards: All due invoices, bills and placeholders dated after today.

Note: Placeholders, due invoices and bills dated before today aren't included in the cash flow. Update expected dates to include them in the cash flow.

If you don't wish to see any of your projects in the table there is an option to collapse the Projects section by clicking the arrow shown below

Click here to find out how to reschedule projects

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