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Replace or Edit a Project Income or Cost
Replace or Edit a Project Income or Cost
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Once you have added income or costs to your project you will want to replace these with an actual invoice bill or bank transaction once these are showing in Float.

To do this, click into your Project and click on the 'Replace' button in the row containing the income/cost.

From here you will see a pre-populated list of suggested items. If the correct item isn't displayed, you can use the search box to locate Invoices, bills or Bank transactions.

For Invoices and bills you can enter the Reference or Customer name and for Bank transactions the Description should be used.

Once an actual transaction has been selected, the original Income or cost will be removed from the Project with the actual transaction taking its place.

Please note: If you have planned income or costs and the date passes, these will be removed from your project and overall cash flow.

If you need to Edit the date, amount or reference of a placeholder this can be done by clicking the Edit button:

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