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Create a baseline cash flow to understand your runway
Create a baseline cash flow to understand your runway
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Create budgets for cash out accounts to represent your overheads, such as rent or utilities, anything that isn't directly project-related.

To add your cash out elements, go to the cash flow tab and scroll down to the Cash Out section. From here, you will see all of your expense categories, such as Rent. Simply click the plus button next to the category to add your budget. This will then prompt you to provide more details about the budget you're creating.

First, give the budget a name that identifies it, such as "Office rent" or any other reference that makes sense to you. Then, select the occurrence, such as "monthly".

Next, choose the start and end dates for the budget. For example, if your rent comes out at the start of the month every month, select the start date to match this. If the end date is not fixed, you can set it to the end of your cash flow period.

Finally, add the value of the budget you're creating and click on "Create" to add it to your cash flow forecast.

Create budgets for cash in accounts to represent any non-project-related income.

Including any of your retainer or other recurring income in the Cash In section will give you a more accurate picture of your cash flow and help you to plan for any unexpected costs. This step is crucial for agencies, as it allows you to account for all your sources of income and ensure that you have sufficient funds to cover any costs, even during slow periods.

To create your budgets follow the above steps but in cash in.

Don't worry about the nitty gritty - you can refine this over time!

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