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Personalise your accounts
Personalise your accounts

We've added Proposed Projects and Other Income but before you budget for any costs, we would recommend personalising your cash flow layout.

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You can personalise the layout of your cash flow forecast by heading over to the "Personalise Accounts" button located in the cash flow tab - this will make it easier to add in your budgets and group your accounts in the way that you think about your cash flow.

By default, we'll display all the accounting categories that have had transactions associated with them in the past three months. However, if you want to add new ones, you can do so from this section as well. Please note that these accounting categories must already exist in your accounting software.

To organise your cash flow table, you can click and drag the order of the accounts and use the tick box to group account lines together. For example, you might want to group all your taxes or office costs into one group to make it easier for you to track costs.

To create a group, use the tick box to select all the office cost accounting categories and then click on the "Group" button. You can also click and drag the order of the office costs group to the desired location in the cash out section.

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