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Early, Growing, Scaling plan FAQs
Early, Growing, Scaling plan FAQs

Frequently asked questions about Float's plans.

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These FAQs apply to our Early, Growing, and Scaling Plans, available in the UK.

If you are an existing customer and would like access the new plans, contact


Establish project cash flow and understand project performance

What is an active project?

Active projects are ones where you track raised invoices, bills and bank transactions.

How many active projects should I select?

Select the number that have active billing, invoicing, and bank transactions. If a project’s money hasn’t started flowing yet, we don’t consider it active and it won’t be added to your subscription.

How does adding/removing a project impact my billing?

You can add a project at any stage of its lifecycle (proposed, active, completed). Active/won projects are the only ones that will be billed for, and you’ll be able to change the number of active/won projects easily from within the product. You’re not limited.

Billing will adjust automatically as you add or remove any active projects. Additional projects will be charged for immediately and if you remove any projects, downgrades will be credited towards your next bill.

Why variable number of active projects?

We know the number of projects you work on can vary, so we want you to pay for what you’re using. When you win more work, you can easily add that project.

Support options

Get help from experts when you need it the most

Priority 2 hour support, that sounds cool! What are your business hours?

Available on our Scaling plan. Users on our Scaling plan benefit from the priority 2 hour support. Available Monday to Friday, 09:00–17:30 (UK hours).

How much 1-to-1 video call support can I have?

Available on our Growing and Scaling plans. We love helping our customers on video calls, and are always delighted to get face to face. We have high demand and we’ll do our best to meet every customer’s needs.

We limit video support to 90 minutes per month. We have availability Monday to Friday, 09:00–17:30 (UK hours).

Billing & subscriptions

Is a 14 day trial period enough?

We think so. We have set up calls available with Float Accountants and experts, and can help you migrate your cash flow spreadsheet to Float. If, for whatever reason, you need more time, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

When do I add my credit card?

We don’t ask for a credit card up front, and you can add your card at any point during the trial period if you want to subscribe. If you finish your trial and log back in, you still be able to add your details and subscribe. Payment will bhe taken at the end of your free trial regardless of when you subscribe.

How quickly does removing a project impact the price?

Your subscription price will change at the end of the billing period and any amounts due will be credited towards your next bill.

Will I be told if the price of my plan changes because I add/remove project?

Absolutely - you’re in control of the number of active/won project you have on your account, and you can see your cost at any point on our billing and subscription pages.


A Float Accountant?! Will you replace my accountant?

We have qualified accountants who can help you get set up. Whilst they won’t be able to advise you about your business (speak to your accountant!), they’ve helped countless customers set up Float in a way that transforms their decision making.

Unlimited users

Yep, no limitations. Add as many people to the Float account as you need. They’ll have full access to all of Float.

Historical cash flow data (3/6 months)

Our initial data import brings in three months of data from your accounting platform. Growth and Scaling customers will have the added benefit of three additional months historical data as they use the Float platform, up to a maximum of six months.

Early customers will have access to three months historical data, and can unlock more by upgrading to our Growing or Scaling plans.

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