If you are working through a limited company, you will be required to have indemnity insurance.

Indemnity Insurance protects you against: 

  • Accidental Injury to any person in relation to your work (e.g. your client, a member of the public) 
  • Injury to yourself as a result of your work 
  • Loss or damage to property 
  • Allegations of negligence or abuse & much more 

There are a variety of providers out there. A good example is Mark Bates Ltd (MBL) who also provide policy holders with access to free legal helplines alongside everything listed above. 

You can set up a policy with MBL here or give them a call and mention “Florence”.

The Royal College of Nursing also has a membership for Carers which provides a number of benefits including  some indemnity cover.

You might have access to indemnity insurance by being a member of the RCN (please check your account with them for this). Also, you can purchase this though Unison. There are other companies that can provide this so do look to see the company you prefer.

When registering with Florence, you will need to provide evidence of your insurance before you can see and book shifts. 

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