At Florence, we believe that the key to a successful shift, lies in the ability of the Nurse to get a robust handover at the beginning of the placement. Through looking at examples of shifts where adverse incidents have occurred, in most cases the induction / handover process has been less than optimum. In some cases, Nurses have reported that no handover or orientation occurred at all. The NMC Code of Conduct (NMC 2018) is clear that Nurses must put the interests of people requiring their services first and their needs should be identified, assessed and responded to, whilst being treated with dignity and respect. Within the ‘Code’ there are a number of references to this, including: 

Nurses must share information to identify and reduce risk. Nurses must take measures to reduce, as far as possible, the likelihood of mistakes, near misses, harm and the effect of harm if it takes place.

As a result we have compiled a short ‘New Placement Induction Form’, which you should complete at the beginning of any new placement and if you wish at the start of each shift. This will have a number of essential benefits for you: 

1. It will provide you with a robust orientation to the placement, ensuring that you 

are fully aware of the environment and systems relating to that placement. 

2. Ensure you receive a full and comprehensive clinical handover at the start of the 

shift, enabling you to prioritise the care you deliver. 

3. You will be able to promote the safety of the patients / residents and colleagues during the shift and take action swiftly and effectively where an adverse incident may occur. 

4. Protect you in the event that an adverse incident or complaint arises during that shift and enable ‘Florence’ to provide a rapid and supportive response to any concerns raised. 

How to complete the form: 

● In collaboration with the most relevant person working within the placement, this may be another nurse, home manager, deputy home manager or a senior care assistant; complete each section of the form at the beginning of the shift and ask for a signature to confirm that a discussion and handover has been provided. 

● Make sure you add a date to the form and provide reasons where information is not provided or unavailable at that time. It will be useful for you to provide evidence of what you did to address that gap. 

● At the end of the shift, you can leave a copy (not the original) at the Home / Placement and keep the original for your own records. 

● It may be useful for you to scan the document into your own computer so that it can easily be shared with ‘Florence’ if needed. 

● As always, if there are additional sources of information that would be useful to you if included on this form - let us know. 

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