Once you are fully registered on Florence, you will be able to start booking shifts. 

To book a shift:

  1. Click onto the ‘Find and book shifts’ page

  2. Look through all available shifts to find one that would match what you are looking for, for example by date, time and distance 

  3. Click onto the shift to bring up more information about the skills required and a detailed shift description

  4. If you are interested in the shift, click ‘apply for shift’

By applying for a shift, you have registered your interest to the client and are waiting for them to review the shift and decide if you would be best suited. Should you be approved, you will receive an email letting you know and will also see this under your ‘My Shifts’ tab under ‘Upcoming Shifts’.

You are able to apply for more than one shift at a time so if you are looking to work on a particular date, do apply to all the shifts you would be interested in to ensure that you can try and guarantee work.  

Please do always check before applying for shifts that you are happy with the date and timings of the shift and where the home is located. Florence takes cancellations very seriously!

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