Vendor Management

Manage your 3rd party vendors with ease using our Vendor Management feature

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2. Click "Vendors"

3. Manage and edit your vendor list.

Simply click the vendor you want to edit.

4. Click here.

5. Click "Create vendor" to add new vendors.

6. Name the Vendor.

7. Create a renewal date for the vendor.

8. Select the date of the renewal.

9. Select a reminder date for an email reminder to be sent to you on an upcoming contract renewal for the vendor.

10. Select the date for the renewal reminder.

11. Add a vendors COI expiration.

12. Add the date of the expiration for the COI.

13. Add the COI coverage amount for the vendor.

14. Click the "COI Expiration Reminder" field to send an email reminder to you about the vendors COI expiration.

15. Select the date for the COI expiration reminder.

16. Click the "Notes" field to add any notes for the vendor that you wish to have on file.

17. Click "Update"

18. Click "Add Contact" to add contact to the vendor.

19. Add name, email and phone number along with any notes about the contact for the vendor.

20. Click "Submit"

21. Give the vendor access to all sites or just selected sites.

22. If selected sites, select the sites the vendor will have access to.

23. Give the vendor access to all locations or just selected locations.

24. If selected locations, select the locations the vendor will have access to.

25. Select the categories associated for the vendor.

26. If you need to delete a category from a vendor click the red trashcan icon.

27. Click "Delete item"

28. Any recent work orders will show for the vendor.

29. Any invoices will show for the vendor.

30. Add any necessary attachments for the vendor.

31. Invite your vendor to connect. This will send an invitation email with a link to connect to your FlowPath instance using the invite code. The email will be sent from

32. Click "Archive vendor" if you no longer want the vendor to have access.

33. To get a list of archived vendors or to unarchive a vender click "Filter"

34. Click "Archived"

35. Select the vendor you want to unarchive.

36. Click "Unarchive vendor"

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