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Organization Preferences & Customization
Organization Preferences & Customization

Learn how to customize custom fields on work orders and around the platform.

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FlowPath enables you to customize visibility and access based on one of our 4 user profile types.

Roles + Permission Types

FlowPath has four different types of user profiles. All user profile permissions are able to be customized within the Work Orders tab under global settings. Here you pick and choose which fields are visible to which type of user.

The 4 permission types are:
โ€‹Admin - this has full access to the platform

Operations - this user also has full access to the platform but is the default user for all work orders to be assigned to

Collaborator - this is the perfect setting for flexible users, you can give full access OR restrict their views/permissions to only a certain location, only showing certain pages, and potentially be assigned all work orders from a specific location(s)

Location - this is the most restricted view by default, built for someone that only needs to see the home dashboard at a specific location

Work Order Preferences

To access your account preferences, open your settings drawer in the bottom left hand corner and open Global Settings. In settings select the Work Orders tab at the top of the page. Account Preferences are only visible to FlowPath Admin users. These preferences allow you to customize the functionality of a work order and how it appears to different users based on their permissions.

Start updating your Preferences here:

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