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Why should I join the FlowPath Vendor Network?

The FlowPath Vendor Network is the simplest, fastest way to get and stay connected to your customers. Accept jobs in your ServiceTitan account and avoid the costly mistakes of manually transferring that information across multiple systems. Seamlessly share documents, communicate, and become part of your customer's workflow with the FlowPath Vendor Network.

FlowPath’s nationwide, growing network of facilities management customers is always looking for high-quality new service providers in the markets where they do business.

With your FlowPath Vendor Network membership, you’ll be seen by FlowPath users looking for trusted, quality service providers already connected to ServiceTitan.

How does FlowPath Vendor Network help me grow my business?

Once signed up, you can opt-in to be visible within the FlowPath CMMS customer “Vendor Search” module. This will allow for FlowPath CMMS users to find you and submit a booking request.

If a customer is looking for a CMMS platform, you can now enable that customer to sign up for FlowPath, allowing them to directly connect with you and improve their facility management.

I received an invitation email from a customer. How do I register?

Follow the instructions within the invitation email. Once you click the activation link in the invitation email it will lead you to the next step in the sign-up process.

{link to registration tutorial articles}

Why do you need my credit card information?

We charge $10/month if you've opted into our Vendor Network and $3 flat for every completed work order sent to you from FlowPath.

How often will I be billed and when does billing start?

Work order charges are billed as a $3 flat fee for every completed work order sent to you from FlowPath. These charges are billed at the first of every month based on prior month's work order activity.

Do my clients still pay me directly?

Yes, your clients continue to pay you as they do today.

Where can I find training or a personal demo to help me learn to use FlowPath Vendor Network?

{insert help center links}

How can I become more visible to FlowPath clients?

By signing up for the FlowPath Vendor Network your profile will become visible to the FlowPath customer base with a ServiceTitan icon in the search menu. This will indicate to the customer that you are able to connect seamlessly with their account and will help you win new business.

Can I export work orders from FlowPath into ServiceTitan?

Job information will be able to move from FlowPath into ServiceTitan seamlessly through our existing integration.

How can I learn more about FlowPath, its customers, and its products and services?

You can learn more about FlowPath at

I have multiple clients or locations. Do I need multiple FlowPath Vendor Network accounts?

No, you only need 1 FlowPath Vendor Network account. Multiple FlowPath CMMS customers/locations will be able to connect to single vendor account.

What if I’m having trouble getting FlowPath emails and notifications?

Contact FlowPath support by sending us an email at:

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