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How to Integrate with FlowPath from ServiceTitan
How to Integrate with FlowPath from ServiceTitan
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A getting started guide for connecting your ServiceTitan and FlowPath accounts.

From the ServiceTitan screen you will be brought to the FlowPath + ServiceTitan log in screen to begin the set up of your FlowPath connection.

Once you have input your basic information click the 'Signup!' button. From here you can select to start your trial.

Your subscription is managed by Stripe. In order complete the integration, you must complete this page. We charge $10/month if you've opted into our Vendor Network and $3 flat for every completed work order sent to you from FlowPath with your first 45 days free.

Once you have input your credit card information and click 'Start Trial' you will be redirected back and can view your 'Manage Billing' button. This is where you will manage or change your subscription info.

Next you will need to fill out company profile so that FlowPath customers can find you. This includes your company information, service areas, categories and opting into the FlowPath Vendor Network.

Once you have completed your company profile you will need to select your service area zip codes.

Are you a National Vendor servicing all US zip codes? Select the 'Service All Zip Codes' box. If you only service specific zip codes, select them individually in the drop down.

Not sure what your service area zip codes are? Check out this free zip code radius tool.

Next, select your service categories. A comprehensive list of all available categories can be downloaded by clicking this link.

Once you complete your account preferences to complete the integration you will click the 'Back to ServiceTitan' button to finish filling out ServiceTitan integration info.

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