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How to Add a User
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Download PDF โ†’ HowtoAddaUser.pdf

2. Go to you your profile.

3. Click "Global Settings"

4. Click "Users"

5. Click "Add User"

6. Enter the name, email, phone number and password. You will need to enter a generic password if you are using a Google or Microsoft login.

7. Click "Create"

Tip! To create a user, you will need to enter a password, but can select invite with Microsoft or Google after, as well as select to enforce that log in preference meaning that would make the email/password useless so your password can be generic if enforcing another sign on method other than email and password.

8. Once the user is created, you will have the ability to update the sign in preference to email/password, or enforce with Google/Microsoft sign in which would use the users preset credentials to sign in. Then select the invite method to match.

9. Select the users Permissions

10. Select the modules the user can access.

11. Click "Selected Sites"

12. If the user will be for a specific site, assign them by selecting the site(s).

13. Click the site you want the user to be assigned. Can also filter if necessary.

14. Click "Update" for the users permissions.

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