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FlowShare Portal
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In this article, you will learn how to upload and share your Flows in your FlowShare Portal.

First, open the FlowShare application and capture your flow or process.

If ready, simply click on the Export to Portal icon on the left menu bar.

You will then be asked whether you would like to upload your Flow as a static HTML page or as an interactive demo. We will upload a static documentation first.

Once you have confirmed your selection, your Flow will be uploaded directly to your portal. You will be notified when the upload has been completed.

Your Flow will then open automatically in your browser. We are now in the FlowShare Portal. As you know it from FlowShare, you see all the information from your cover (title, author, company).

And of course, all of your screenshots, text descriptions and headlines are displayed.

It’s easy to share your Flows with your team.

Public Flows can be accessed by anyone who has the corresponding link.

However, you can also specify that your Flows are only accessible to members of your organization.

The links to your instructions cannot be found on the web. The created page is not indexed by search engines.

If your Flow is Public, you can also integrate it into your website or wiki using the embed code.

To complete the picture, we export our process once again as an interactive demo in our FlowShare Portal.

The interactive click simulation now opens in the browser. It can also be shared and embedded like the static Flow.

This format allows the user to click interactively through the process.

You can find your uploaded Flows in the Flow Library. You can recognize whether it is a static or interactive Flow by the type designation.

The status shows you whether your Flow is Public or Private.

In the Flow Library, you can also call up information on sharing, change the status or delete your Flow.

As a FlowShare Professional customer, you can upload up to 50 Flows to your portal and make them accessible free of charge. Additional contingents can be purchased if required.

You can invite team members to your portal via Manage Members section.

And assign the desired roles to them.

The FlowShare Portal allows you to store your Flows centrally. This gives your team easy and efficient access to your knowledge.

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