At Fluentbe we value our teachers, and we provide them with good working conditions as well as the rates. Here's what you need to know:

What do we pay for?

We pay you for:

  • all lessons that you conducted

  • last-minute (less than 24h) cancellations 100%

  • students' no-shows 100%

What types of contracts do we offer?

1) A business contract (pl: firma-firma) - B2B

  • You must have a registered business activity and you can issue invoices. We will need a document (e.g. a scan) that confirms the registration of your business activities.

  • You pay the tax on your own.

2) A service contract (pl: umowa zlecenie)

  • We deduct the income tax and at the end of the year we provide you with a document how much was deducted. In case of Polish residents - we will also deduct social insurance contributions (ZUS) with some exceptions allowed by the law.

  • In some cases, based on your tax residency we do not need to deduct the income tax. We will need a certificate of your tax residence and that you pay your own taxes in the country of your residence. E.g. for the US tax residents form 6166, for the UK tax residents a letter from HMRC. The document needs to be in English with the heading Certificate of Tax Residency.

Please note, that there are some exceptions where we cannot offer a B2B contract.

What rates do we pay?

The rates at Fluentbe depend on various factors:

  • the contract type (see above)

  • the lesson types you teach

  • your experience and performance at the interview

All the payment terms are discussed individually during the interview, as we need to take into account a few legal issues. In any case, our gross base rate is not lower than 45 PLN.

We can also offer a system of bonuses. Again, it will be discussed individually during the interview.

What currency can we pay you in?

We can make payments in PLN, EUR, USD, and GBP.

You can choose which currency you wish to be paid.

What payment methods do we use?

  • a bank transfer

  • PayPal

  • Payoneer

  • Revolut

You can check and choose which payment option is the most convenient and cheapest for you.

When do we pay you?

We pay once a month, before the 10th of the month for the lessons conducted in the previous month (e.g. on 10th Oct for lessons in Sept).

Making payments is very important to us, we are reliable and always pay our teachers on time.

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