This article explains what you can read from the tab "Salary" that is attached to your profile.

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On your profile one of the tabs is labelled "Salary":

When you open this tab, you will find there the information about your salary:

1 - the month and the year displayed; you can click the arrow to move see the previous month and then to get back to the current one.

2 - your Base Rates - the ones that you have on your contract; these are net rates (service contact) or in the case of a business contact, the rates on your invoice

3 - your base rates combined with the type of courses and lesson duration

4 - your Basic Salary so far in the month displayed in 1 divided into different types of lessons

5 - the number of lessons each type you have taught

6 - the currency of your salary

7 - click "i" to see the lesson list

8 - the summary of your lessons / salary this month (or the month you selected in "1")

9 - your Total Salary this month (or the month selected in "1")

10 - Basic salary = see "4"

11 - all bonuses* this month (or the month you selected in "1")

12 - deductions (late cancellations, no shows) this month (or the month you selected in "1")

13 - your salary = basic salary + bonuses - deductions

The tab "salary' may differ from teacher to teacher - it depends on the type of courses you teach and the types of bonus courses you have been offered to teach.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact our team.

*if you have a business contract and you issue invoices:

On your invoice write "teaching English" and the sum as in "13".

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