Individual Lesson Bonus

This article explains how the bonus system works

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If your individual student stays with you long-term, every 10th lesson with the same student in an individual course is worth +50% of your base rate (it doesn't apply to company courses).


Let's suppose your rate is $8 for 60 minutes. Every 10th finished lesson with your adult student Kasia you get $4 extra (to your 10th, 20th, 30th, and so on).

If it is a 30 minute lesson with a child, you will get 50 % of the amount paid for this lesson - so $2 added every 10th lesson.

It means that we add this bonus to your salary to every 10th lesson with a given student. You can get a bonus for each individual student you teach. You will get a bonus no matter:

  • how many hours a week your students study with you, or

  • how many lessons s/he buys at once;

  • if the lessons were finished in a row (there might be some cancellations or rescheduling in-between the lessons).

The bonus applies to individual courses (IND), but not to the company courses (the ones marked with a briefcase).

How to check your base rate, salary and the sum of bonuses?

There is a Salary tab on your profile. There you will see both your base salary, any possible deductions and the bonuses. If you would like to learn more about the tab, click here.

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