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What is Fluid Markets?
What is Fluid Markets?
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Fluid Markets is a Y Combinator-backed financial services company that provides two key risk management solutions for public equity investors:

  1. Futures markets on public company KPIs

    1. These enable investments in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of public companies that investors already model and predict, without taking on the unrelated risk that comes with buying the company's stock.

    2. Sample KPIs include revenue, EPS (Earnings Per Share), iPhone Sales, Netflix Subscribers, and more

  2. Buy-side estimates of public company KPIs

    1. By offering these futures markets, we collect an order book full of orders placed by buy-side investors. Collectively, the order book paints a picture of what the buy-side (another term for investors) think is going to happen regarding a specific KPI. The existing estimates that are published aren't published by those with money on the line (the buy-side); rather, they're published by the sell-side (the equity research teams at banks), who don't have money on the line.

    2. This makes our order book's data stream incredibly valuable, as it gives investors insights into what the market really thinks that can't be found elsewhere.

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