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Can't Find a Product?
Can't Find a Product?

Top 3 reasons why you don't see the product you want

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Written by Sophie Kalser
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FluoroFinder currently works with over 100 antibody vendors to bring you up to date product information. With over two million products in our database how come the one you want does not show up?  Here are the top 3 reasons:

  1. You used the host, isotype or clone filters on the Markers page and accidentally blocked the product you want.  For example, if you used the clone filter to select "APA1/1" but the vendor for the product you want calls this clone "APA1-1" you will not see this product in the search results.

  2. You used the Antigen Density Slider and accidentally blocked the fluor that your product is conjugated to.  For example, if you set the Antigen Density Slider to "High Ag - Dim Fluor" then all products conjugated to bright fluors like APC will be blocked from your search results. 

  3. It is possible that the most recent catalog update we have received from this vendor did not include information on the product you want.  Or, maybe we do not work with this vendor at all yet.  Please use the chat feature to let us know the vendor and catalog number you are interested in.  We can usually get these issues resolved for you very quickly.

For more information on this or to ask any other questions, please contact us at:

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