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How to Modify a Group Panel
How to Modify a Group Panel

You can edit a group panel by saving your own copy

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Sharing your experiment design and details is easy to do by creating or joining a FluoroFinder Group.  Every member of the group will be able to see fluorochromes, product selections, spillover information, titrations, lot numbers and even group member comments for each experiment. 

Experiments that are saved to a group still belong to the person who created them and can not be modified by other group members.  In order to make edits to a group experiment you will first need to create your own copy within your Personal Panels section.  Look for the blue "Create a Copy" link toward the upper right of the page.

When creating the copy be sure to select "Personal Saved Panels" as the save destination.

Once you have created your own copy of the experiment you are free to edit the markers, fluors, products and titration/buffer details.  Be aware that these edits will not affect the original panel that was saved into the group.  If you want other group members to see your changes you will need to add the new version of your panel into the group by re-saving it and selecting the appropriate group as your save destination.

Here is a short video to help explain the process in more detail:

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