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Does FluoroFinder support full spectrum cytometry?
Does FluoroFinder support full spectrum cytometry?

Yes, FluoroFinder is a great place to design spectral cytometry experiments.

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FluoroFinder supports full spectrum cytometers from manufacturers like Cytek, Sony, Thermo Fisher and BD. Several features have recently been added to FluoroFinder's panel builder specifically to support these new instruments.

Tooltips that show color similarity data will appear any time you hover your mouse over a fluorochrome. These tooltips will give you important warnings any time the fluorochrome you are looking at is too similar to other fluors you have already decided to use in the experiment.

Enhanced Spectra Viewer showing the full spectrum across multiple lasers is now integrated directly into the panel builder. This is a fantastic way to keep an eye on spillover as you select fluorochromes. Even with spectral unmixing, it is still a good idea to minimize spillover whenever possible.

Similarity Matrix Toggle allows you to quickly switch between the spectra viewer and a chart showing color similarity data for all the fluors in your experiment. You also have the option to extend the chart to show all 800 fluors in our database so you can evaluate what additional colors may be safely added to your panel.

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