There are two ways to add any viability dye into your FluoroFinder panel. The first is by type the specific viability dye you want to use into the "marker" field on the Markers page. This will add your specific viability dye into your panel and it will show up in the appropriate channel(s) when you continue on to the Products page.

The second method is good for when you are not sure which viability dye you want to use. After entering your markers on the Markers page, continue on the the Products page. Then look for the button that says "+ Viability Dyes". When you click this button FluoroFinder will take a few seconds to go through every viability dye in our database and place them into the optimal channels for the specific cytometer configuration that you are working with. You will see these listed in a new column to the far right of your other markers.

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