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How Much Does FluoroFinder Cost?
How Much Does FluoroFinder Cost?

Find the plan that fits your needs

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FluoroFinder is 100% free for all academic researchers using the Academic Basic Plan. If you are an academic and have used FluoroFinder before and would like to support the work we do please take a look at our Academic Plus Plan. The plus plan comes with extra features and access to all new beta features we develop throughout the year.

A few Academic Plus features:

  • Visible Inventory & Selection History - You can now upload a list of catalog numbers to your inventory in FluoroFinder. These products and your previously selected fluorochromes and antibodies will be highlighted for you in the panel builder making it easier for you to select products that may already be in your freezer.

  • Attachments - You can now attach documents (protocols, notes, images, etc.) to any of your saved experiments.

  • Enhanced product model filters - You can now sort products in FluoroFinder based on price, clone and even citation count!

  • Auto Antigen Density - Coming soon to FluoroFinder's panel builder, you will be able to select your cell type and sample prep type (fixed/fresh) and have FluoroFinder automatically set the antigen density for common markers.

If you are not currently an academic researcher and would like to inquire about FluoroFinder, please click on the Industry Pricing button below to see pricing and subscription options.

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