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What is FluoroFinder?
What is FluoroFinder?

An overview of FluoroFinder

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Designing experiments can be a long and difficult process without the right tools. FluoroFinder simplifies complex experiment design by having integrated tools such as a comprehensive antibody search tool, interactive instrument configurations, and a multivendor spectra viewer, saving researchers time, reducing errors, and helping design better experiments.

Tools (overview)

Panel Builder:

Design multicolor panels for cytometry experiments with pre-loaded instrument configurations and reagents from all suppliers.

Spectra Viewer:

Interactive multivendor spectra viewer. Depict the emission of over 1,000 fluorochrome curves with spillover reports and product search.

Antibody Search:

Search millions of antibodies without designing an entire experiment with the same integrated visual tools and features as the Panel Builder.

Fluorescent Dye Database:

Search fluorescent dyes by excitation and emission characteristics, optimal laser and filter sets, and common applications.


  • Flow Cytometry

  • Elisa

  • Immunofluorescence (IF)

  • Immunocytochemistry (ICC/IHC)

  • Western Blot (WB)

  • Fluorescence Microscopy

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