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How do I book with TUI and pay using Fly Now Pay Later?
How do I book with TUI and pay using Fly Now Pay Later?
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Step 1: Download and sign up to the app

Step 2: Select your trip, and create your virtual card in the app

Step 3: Book your holiday in store or online

Things to consider:

Where can I use my credit limit/Can I withdraw it?

The credit limit can only be used towards online or instore Tui bookings and only if the ID validation process is successful. The credit limit cannot be withdrawn.

How can I use my virtual card?

Once your virtual card has been created, please show the virtual card details to your agent to pay for your TUI holidays.

What amount should I enter/add to the virtual card?

If your credit limit allows it, you should create a virtual card for the amount of your Tui booking.

Do I have to pay anything today?

No, you don’t have to pay anything. Your first repayment will be due in 30 days, only if you decide to pay using FNPL.

If I don’t use the full amount of my virtual card for my booking? What happens to the remaining balance?

The remaining balance will be deducted from the total repayment.

How long is my virtual card remaining active & usable for?

Virtual Cards are valid for 24h. If the card is not valid, the inapp system allows you to create a new one at the time of payment.

Can I reuse my virtual card?

No, virtual cards are single use only.

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