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Teikametrics: Getting Started Guide
Onboarding to Teikametrics Flywheel 2.0
Onboarding to Teikametrics Flywheel 2.0

Signing up and getting started steps

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This guide will help you easily start using Teikametrics Flywheel 2.0 in three straightforward steps. It includes everything you need to know to set up to begin a risk-free trial.

Account Sign-up

Sign up for Flywheel from our website here.

Account Verification

If you've signed up with a username/password, you'll receive an email for account verification.

Complete your profile

After account verification and sign-in, complete your profile for a customized onboarding experience.

Connecting Marketplace Data (Amazon)

If you're connecting data for the first time, click Connect sales channel data to unlock from any of the pages in Flywheel

If you're connecting an Amazon account to an existing, active Flywheel account, Head to the Sales channel page and click Add merchant

Next, select Amazon from the pop-up.

You'll see a screen letting you know that Flywheel needs access to 2 different APIs, one to connect your Advertising data and the other to connect your Product data. Both are critical to success with Flywheel.

Click Authorize ads to get redirected to Amazon and complete the connection.

You'll be redirected to Amazon Seller Central to authorize Teikametrics access to your account.

Once you've signed into your Advertising account, Click 'Allow' to sign-in to Teikametrics.

You'll be brought back to Flywheel with a list of Accounts you can connect. Select the right merchants and click Continue

You've successfully connected your Advertising data πŸŽ‰ Click Authorize products to proceed to the next connection.

Connecting Amazon Product data

To start, click Authorize products to proceed to the next connection.

Product data connects at the region level. This means you'll only need to connect Product data once for all three countries in North America (US, MX, CA), for example. Select Authorize for the region you want to connect.

Sign-in to authorize Amazon Selling Partner's API connection to Flywheel. You'll need very specific permissions to do this, learn more about those here.

Make sure to click the checkbox and authorize Teikametrics to view your Product data by clicking Confirm.

You'll be brought back to Flywheel in case you want to connect more data.

Once you're done, click Close & Exit! We will email you when your data has finished syncing and Flywheel is ready to go.

Start your risk-free trial

Now that your Amazon marketplace data is connected, you can start your risk-free trial of Flywheel today!

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