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What to expect after launching your first AI-Powered campaign with Flywheel
What to expect after launching your first AI-Powered campaign with Flywheel
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Congratulations on launching your first AI-Powered campaign with Flywheel! πŸš€ Wondering what's in store for you next?

Dive into this guide to unveil the exciting journey your Flywheel campaigns will embark on over the coming weeks.

The First 48 Hours: From Start to Acceleration

As soon as you launch your campaigns in the app, our sophisticated Predictive AI engine gets to work. It strategically reduces balances spend with your existing campaigns and will start the "AI learning phase". During the initial 48-72 hours, you are unlikely to see an immediate improvement in your advertising efficiency and it is common to observe a temporary increase in your ACOS (reduction in ROAS).

Weeks 1-2: Initialization & Calibration During "AI Learning Phase"

  • Phase Description: During the first two weeks, your Flywheel campaigns enter into an experimentation phase where our Predictive AI will gather data and start preparing to optimize your Ads.

  • Behind-the-Scenes: Our system is diligently monitoring performance metrics to ascertain that all configurations are optimal.

  • Important Note on ACOS/ROAS: There could be a perceivable rise in ACOS (reduction in ROAS) during this phase. This discrepancy often arises from the lag in sales attribution. To clarify, while the ad spend is triggered when a shopper clicks, the corresponding sales might take up to two weeks to reflect.

  • Recommendation: We recognize the anticipation business owners might feel. However, patience is crucial as the system acclimatizes and adjusts.

Weeks 2-4: Refinement & Strategic Spending

  • Phase Description: In this timeframe, your ads will become more efficient (assuming all external factors are held constant), with campaigns adjusting to target spending levels.

  • Behind-the-Scenes: Our Predictive AI ad engine is at work, pinpointing opportunities for efficient growth β€” the metaphorical "low hanging fruit."

  • Expected Outcome: Enhanced spending efficiency and campaign effectiveness.

4+ Weeks: Transition to Optimal Efficiency

  • Phase Description: By the end of month one, campaigns are geared towards achieving their best performance.

  • Outcome Forecast: At this juncture, you should observe substantial improvements in performance. Leveraging this phase, consider initiating further experiments to refine results and drive even more value from your campaigns.

Support & Further Queries: Should you have any questions or need clarification at any stage, please reach out to our support team by live chat for assistance.

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