Proof of Presence

New to Flywheel, Administrators can require QR code scanning on tasks to ensure workers are where they need to be to complete their work.

  • Administrators can require workers to scan QR codes before completing a task
  • When enabled the Flywheel mobile app will display a prompt whenever a worker submits a task for completion, allowing the worker to perform a QR code scan
  • Scanning the appropriate QR code of the Location or Asset the task is associated with will allow the worker to confirm the task completion
  • The setting can be activated per site under the new Scan QR Codes section of the Site Settings menu

Energy Dashboard is now Utilities Dashboard

The Energy section of the Dashboard page has been renamed to Utilities.

New filters added to the Work page

Three new filters were added to the expanded filter section of the work page.

  • Created: Filters by the date a task was created
  • Closed: Filters by the date a task was closed (only available while closed tasks are being viewed)
  • Asset/Location Types: Filters tasks by the Asset or Location type of the Asset or Location that is associated with the task

New Dashboard cards for Maintenace Dashboard

Two additional cards were added to allow further customization on the dashboard pageĀ 

  1. Are tasks completed on time?
  2. Are steps for planned tasks completed thoroughly?
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