This document provides the minimum network (WiFi/LAN) requirements for use of the Flywheel application. The device (mobile or desktop/laptop) must have a steady and consistent network connection in order to properly use the application. If these requirements are not met, any support for issues experienced will be at best effort. This document will be updated regularly.

Optimal WiFi Performance:

  • Ideal WiFi network upload speed is 10Mbps or higher
  • Ideal WiFi network download speed is 10Mbps or higher
  • Ideal WiFi signal strength should be roughly 70% or higher

Note: Preferred connection for smartphone and tablet is on mobile carrier

Minimum Network Requirements:

  • WiFi signal 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • WiFi network minimum 5 MB upload and 5 MB down
  • Minimum of a 100BASE-T or 100 Mbit/s Ethernet connection for desktop computer and WiFi connectionNote: Full WiFi network authentication is required for all users on all WiFi access points

Internet firewall, proxy, and desktop internet proxy settings:

The following must be whitelisted for proper Flywheel application functionality.


Email whitelisting (incoming and outgoing):

The following must be whitelisted to ensure receipt of Flywheel application communications.


Additional Information:

If WiFi/LAN connectivity is sporadic or inconsistent, it will hinder the performance of the Flywheelapplication. If there are multiple WiFi networks, users must be able to authenticate to each one to ensure seamless handoff and continued network connectivity while traveling between WiFi access points. If using mobile carrier connectivity, use of 4G/LTE will provide the best performance.

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