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Import contacts from Gmail, Google Contacts & Google Calendar
Import contacts from Gmail, Google Contacts & Google Calendar

Connect & sync your Google accounts to folk

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1. How to connect your Google accounts with your folk workspace

  • Go to your workspace settings in the Accounts section

  • Click on Add a Google account: you can connect all the Google accounts you want to synchronize with folk.

  • Give permissions: make sure to check all the boxes on the Google permission page to enable folk to import your contacts & interactions

2. Which information will be synchronized?

  • Contacts: We import all your contacts from the Gmail addresses you've connected to folk – meaning all the people you had at least one interaction with will be added to your account. This way, you can easily build your contact database, getting all the info you need straight from your emails.

  • Interactions: folk imports most of the interactions you had with these contacts such as emails-related information (email subject, date, sender, and receiver) and calendar events (event name, date, and participants). folk automatically pins the information extracted from Gmail to the right contact profile.

If you want to retrieve the content of an email, you can click on the expand icon next to the interaction. It will open the full email in your Gmail.

3. When does folk synchronize the contacts?

  • Contacts are synced in real-time. New contacts will automatically be imported into folk. They'll be available in the 'Search'.

  • Interactions (emails & calendar events) are also synced in real-time and automatically. Every new interaction will appear on your contacts' profiles.

4. What data is imported exactly from Google?

  • Contacts: both Google contacts & "Other contacts" are imported

  • Interactions: emails and calendar events are imported except:

    • More than 1 year old interactions will not be imported

    • Unread messages will not be imported

    • Recurring events from Google Calendar will not be imported

    • Emails with more than 20 recipients will not be imported

    • Events with more than 20 attendees will not be imported

    • Emails received from subscriptions and mailing lists won't be imported

5. Why do I need to give access to my Google account?

To sync your Google account and be able to import your contacts, we need permissions to access your Google data with the following scope:

  • Access to contacts from Google Contacts.

  • Permission to read email resources metadata including email subject, email date, email sender and receiver, and email content.

  • Permission to read events in your calendars including event name, event participants, and event date.

We are fully compliant with Google requirements. We will use reasonable efforts to protect your information collected through Google API.

6. Share my interactions with my teammates

By default, all your interactions (Emails and Calendar events) are private and will not be shared with anyone in your workspace.

You can decide to share your interactions with all the members in your workspace by enabling the toggle Share your interactions.

When your interactions are being shared, the members of your workspace will see all the interactions they had with their contacts along with the ones you had with them.

A Share your interactions toggle is available for every one of your Google accounts; Which means that you can decide to share interactions of a specific Google account but not of the other ones.

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