On folk, comments are collaborative notes you can pin to a specific contact or company.

Comments can be used in multiple ways, for follow-up call notes, personal notes, reminders, assigning a task or collaboration threads...

Sharing and access

Comments are added in the context of a group and they are shared with the members of this specific group.

  • If you're in a private group, the comments you add to your contacts will be private and only visible to you.

  • If you're in a shared group, comments you add to your contacts will be shared with other members of that specific group.

If a contact is in multiple groups, you can easily switch the group context on the contact's profile, to see comments added in the different groups you have access to.


To unlock collaboration, you can type "@" in the comment section and tag one (or multiple) of your teammates. They'll receive an email notification.

Then you can reply to an existing comment by hitting the reply button next to the comment.

When mentioning them, your teammates will be notified by email with the ability to open the contact's profile to see the comment added.


To format your comments and make communication clearer, don't forget to format your text using bold, italic, underlined, numbered and bulleted lists.

You can also add images or attach files to your comments.

Here is a quick video on 'How to use comments on folk' ๐ŸŽฅ

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