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You can enrich your contacts in folk with one click, thanks to an integration with DropContact.

What is data enrichment?

Enrichment lets you enhance your contact data through third-party sources, filling in gaps with emails, companies, job titles, phone numbers, and more. Like magic!

How to use enrichment in folk

Simply select the contact(s) in your list that you want to enrich and click on "Enrich xx people".

Once clicked, the enrichment process can take a few minutes. You will see a notification once the process is successful, and the enriched data will automatically be added to your contact(s).

Fields that can be enriched are:

  • First name, Last name

  • Emails

  • Phone numbers

  • Job Title

  • URL

  • Address

  • Company name

  • Company URL

The fields that have been enriched are indicated by the little magic wand icon.

Best practices for successful enrichment

To optimize enrichment results, combining people and company data on a contact will get better results. For example, having both First Name, Last Name and Company URL or LinkedIn URL on a profile, in order to find their email.

Enrichment results will be limited if the inputs are only the First Name and Last Name.

FAQ about DropContact

  • Is DropContact GDPR compliant? Yes, DropContact is the only professional enrichment solution that's 100% GDPR compliant.

  • Does Dropcontact store/exploit my data? No Dropcontact does not exploit or resell any data.

For more info, you can find DropContact's support page here.

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