Getting Started.

To start using Folktale, you will need an internet connection.

Click on a community link, provided by a Folktale Insights Manager from the device you will use to capture your story. You can use a mobile phone, laptop or another device with a camera and internet.

The link will open up to a story invitation in your internet browser and you will see the invitation details.

Step One: Click ‘Sign in to accept this invitation’ or ‘Contribute as guest’ to accept your story invitation.

a) Clicking ‘Sign in to accept this invitation’ If you haven’t already signed into your account, click ‘Sign in to accept this invitation’.

If this is your first time using Folktale, click ‘Sign up here’ to create a Folktale account. Once logged into your account, you will have the option to accept or decline the story invitation.

Once signed in, you will see the button to ‘Accept story invitation.’

b) Clicking ‘Contribute as a guest’ – If you don’t have a Folktale account, you can choose to contribute as a guest.

Step Two: Accept or decline the invitation

If you choose to accept the invitation, you will be directed to Create your story page to begin recording your story.

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