How to record your story

Once you've accepted a story invitation or created a new story via a Story Preset, you will be taken to the Create your Story page to record your story.

Step One: Add a story title

Click on the pencil icon to add a unique title to your story.

Step Two: Add your location (Optional)

Clicking this will tag your city and country to your story. You will need to ensure that location permissions are enabled on your device.

A participant is someone who will be part of this story.

They could be the person you are interviewing as a field reporter, or they could be someone who appears in a shot in your own story.

It is important that anyone who is a participant in the story to provide informed consent before you start recording.

a) Click on the button if you have participants in your story.

b) Explain to them clearly why the story is being collected, how it will be used and who will be able to see and access their story.

c) If your organisation has uploaded additional consent terms and conditions, these are accessible via the URL

d) If your participant consents, have them add their name and location, click on the checkbox and click I agree.

Each participant added will be listed.

You will then be able to add a participant to any of the shots in which they appear by typing their name and select it from the dropdown list.

Step Four: You're ready to begin recording!

There are two types of shots: Tell shots and Show shots.

  • Tell shots require you to answer a question and are longer in duration.

  • Show shots ask you to capture visuals to support your story. They are shorter in duration and are muted (no sound will be recorded).

Press record to start filming.

When you press record, your page will look like this:

Shot timer: lets you know the recommended duration of a response and counts down to guide you as you record. Up indicator: on devices that can be rotated eg. mobile phones, the up indicators helps determine when rotation lock is enabled.

Click on the grey circle to start filming, and the red circle to stop recording.

If you are happy with your shot click on next button to move to the next shot.


Description automatically generated

If you want to redo the shot, click the back arrow and start again


Description automatically generated

Or press ‘X’, to return to the Create your Story page.

Step Five: Rewatch or re-record each clip:

You can watch the preview by clicking in the middle of it and pressing play. If you want to re-record a shot after viewing, click the ‘bin’ icon and re-record a shot.

If your Insights Manager has enabled the function of adding additional footage to a ‘Show’ shot, you can upload footage stored on your device into the shot.

Click on the ‘Image’ icon to upload an image or video from your camera roll. You may need to trim it to make sure it is the required time for the shot.

Step Seven: Build Preview

Once you have filmed all your shots and are done click ‘Build preview’ to see the whole video.

Step Eight: Submit story

Before submitting, review the Personal information collection statement, and the intellectual property use terms, then click ‘Submit story’ to finish and send it!

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