What is the Project Dashboard?

Your project dashboard provides you an overview of your invitations, stories in progress and submitted stories.

From your Project Dashboard, you can:

  • Track Responses received: Track how many people have submitted, accepted or not responded to your invitations

  • Track Stories in Progress: Track the number of stories that have been started but not submitted. View stories in progress to send individual reminders to contributors.

  • Track project submissions: Track the number of stories and the number of unique voices that have contributed to your project. View submissions to see submitted stories.

  • Manage active story invitations: Track invitations that are still active. Click on the invitation heading to see more details in the Invitation Overview.

  • Contribute your own story: Share your own story without creating a story invitation or preset.

  • Track your contributors via the Project Leaderboard: See which contributors have been most active on the Project Leaderboard. Don't forget to acknowledge them by reacting to their stories!

Navigating to the Project Dashboard

From the Manage Projects page, click on View Dashboard of the project you want to view.

From within your project, you can navigate back to the Dashboard by navigating to the Project menu and selecting Dashboard.

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