As an Admin or an Insights Manager, you can invite, remove, and manage the users in your workspace on the People page.


Finding the People page

Step One: Navigate to the People page

Once logged into your account, click your workspace name and then click People.


Under Members, you will see anyone who is a current member of your workspace, the date they joined your workspace and their assigned roles.

Under teams, you're able to create and assign workspace members to teams, to allow you to manage invitations for larger groups.

Adding people to your workspace

a) Inviting people via email

Step One: Under the Members tab, navigate to Invite new members to workspace

Click on the header to expand the section.

Step Two: Add their email address

On the search bar, type their full email address and click it to invite them.

They will then be added to the list of pending workspace members, with a tag indicating the date they were invited.

Step Three: Select a role for your new workspace member.

Select the role from the dropdown list.

💡 Note: Insights managers can only add new contributors or field reporters. Admins are able to add new insights managers and other admins.

Step Four: Check your invitation status

If your new members are listed under Pending, it means they haven’t accepted your invitation yet. Click the 3 dots to Resend Invite or Withdraw Invite.

A workspace-managed account It is a feature that lets you to invite a Contributor or Field Reporter to your workspace without requiring an email address or password.

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