When creating an invite, you may have noticed that you are asked if you would like to append any custom assets to the stories that your contributors deliver:

What this means is that if you have a short video file of your programs branding (often referred to as an end tag or a stinger), you can upload this to Folktale and have it automatically added to the end of every story.

To do this, press the expand arrow ( โŒ„ ) next to your program name on the header of the portal. Now choose Branding.

Here you find a list of the file specifications. If you have a file available, proceed down to the Upload asset button down below.

This will bring up your computers default file picker where you can search for and find the video file that that wish to use. Click OK and the upload procedure will begin. Once this is complete that file will now be available to select every time you complete a new invite.

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