What is Offline Mode?

There are times when Contributors or Field Reporters may find that they need to capture a story when they don't have an internet connection.

Fortunately, Folktale is ready for the challenge! Although Folktale looks and behaves like an ordinary website in your browser, behind the scenes we use all sorts of magic to make the page accessible even when you're offline.

The 3 key actions that you will need an internet connection for are

  1. Accepting the story invitation / creating a new story

  2. Uploading and generate preview

  3. Submitting your story

Everything else can be done while offline.

How to film using Offline Mode

If you think you'll be needing to work on a story whilst offline, following this best practice workflow:

Step 1: Accept your story invitation while online:

Whilst you still have an internet connection, make sure you have received and accepted your story invitation.

Accept or decline this invitation

If you are a Field Reporter who plans to collect multiple stories while offline, click the ‘Contribute my Story’ button and generate multiple stories. These stories will sit as pending stories in your ‘My Stories’ page.

Contribute my story

Step 2: Check your pending stories in ‘My Stories

Go to your ‘My Stories’ page and confirm that every story you intend to complete is listed and ready to go. You're now ready to head out!

Pending stories within your 'My Stories' page

Step 3: Navigate to portal.folktale.io

Once you are out in the field and no longer have internet connectivity, navigate to portal.folktale.io in your mobile browser.

Even though you are offline, it will still function! You'll see a notice at the bottom of the page letting you know that you are working in offline mode.

You appear to be offline

4. Record your story

Film your story just as you would when you are online. You'll notice that when each of your shots of completed, it will show an UPLOAD PENDING label beneath each of the shots. This lets you know that although you've captured the shot, it is not yet saved online.

Upload Pending

If you have completed all of the shots needed but are still working without an internet connection, feel free to close down the browser and come back later.

Note: Story titles, participants and location can also be edited without requiring an Internet connection whilst you are recording your shots.

Important: do not sign out of your Folktale account while offline. Signing out of your account will cause you to lose any shots captured that have not been uploaded.

Error Message - any data not yet uploaded will be lost including story video if you sign out now.

5. Reconnect to the internet

Once you have access to an internet connection once again, head back to portal.folktale.io on your same device to see a list of you ready to be submitted stories.

Find your pending story in 'My Stories'

6. Click ‘Build Preview’ to upload your shots

Select the in-progress story in ‘My Stories’ and now click on the ‘Build Preview’ button to begin the upload procedure of all of your footage. Once that has completed your story is now saved online and available on any of your devices when you log in.

Click on upload and build preview

7. Press the ‘Submit’ button once you're ready to submit!

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