• What is a Workspace Managed Account?

  • How to create a Workspace Managed Account

What is a Workspace Managed Account?

A workspace managed account is a Folktale account that has been created by an Insights Manager or an Admin for use by a Contributor.

Instead of sending an email invitation to a Contributor to create their own Folktale account using their email and password, an Insights Manager or Admin can quickly and easily create a workspace-managed account that can be accessed via a URL, without the need for an email or password.

What are the benefits of a Workspace Managed Account?

Workspace-managed accounts are useful for Contributors who don't have easy access to email to be able to create their own account, but don't want to contribute as a guest.

How to create a Workspace Managed Account

Step One: Navigate to the People page

Navigate to the People page of your account by clicking on the workspace name

Step Two: Click on the header Add workspace-managed account to expand the section

Step Three: Add an account name.

Each account should be unique to an individual. Click 'Create account.' You will receive confirmation that a new account has been created for your user under 'Current Members'

Step Four: Copy the Sign-in Link

To share this new account with your Contributor, click the 'Sign-in link' to copy it to your clipboard. You can now share this link with your Contributor to access their account.

⚠️NOTE: You will only be able to copy the link to your clipboard once. Once you leave or refresh the page, you will have to reset and generate a new link to share with your Contributor. Once the link is reset, the old link will be expired.

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