Create a story using a Story Preset
Create multiple stories on demand using pre-defined parameters
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What is a Story Preset?

A Story Preset is a feature allows a Field Reporter to easily capture multiple story contributions where and when they choose, using parameters defined by their Insights Manager.

Who can use a Story Preset?

A Story Preset is accessible by Admins, Insights Managers and Field Reporters.

What does a Story Preset allow me to do?

  • A Field Reporter will have access to the Story Preset in their 'My Stories' page and can generate multiple story contributions without having to wait for an invitation.

  • The Story Preset can even be accessed while the Field reporter is offline, meaning that stories can be captured anywhere, anytime.

How to capture stories using a Story Preset

Step One: Go to the My Stories page to see all Story Presets

Once logged into your Folktale Account, navigate to the My Stories page.

You will see all Story Presets that are available to you.

Note: If there are multiple presets for different projects, you will see them in the order in which they were created.

Step Two: Click Create Story

To get started, ensure you choose the correct preset for the correct project and click 'Create Story.' Note: You can access the 'Create Story' button even if you do not have an internet connection!

You will be immediately taken to the recording page to Record your Story.

Step Three: Submitting your story

Stories created from a preset will initially be kept local to the device, and will appear in the Pending stories list on the 'My Stories' page with an On device flag:

To submit your story, ensure you are connected to the internet and either click 'Upload and build preview' or 'Submit Story.'

Once submitted, your story will be visible to the Insights Manager.

You can always access any story that you have created via the 'My Stories' page.

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