In Folktale, there are 5 pre-defined user roles:

  • Admin

  • Insights Manager

  • Field Reporter

  • Contributor

  • Guest

Each role has permission to perform the tasks shown in the table below.

Description of Folktale User Roles


An Admin is the Folktale Account Holder.

Users should be assigned as an Admin if they need to be responsible for:

  • Administrating the Workspace

  • Managing billing and subscriptions

  • Creating new projects

  • Managing Workspace and Project Settings

  • Inviting and managing permissions for Admins and Insights Managers

Insights Manager

An Insights Manager leads and coordinates Folktale Projects.

Users should be assigned an Insights Manager if they need to be responsible for:

  • Inviting and managing permissions for Contributors and Field Reporters

  • Creating or editing Story invitations or Story Presets

  • Tracking stories in progress via the Project Dashboard

  • Managing contributions in the Story Library

  • Ordering supercuts

Field Reporter

A Field Reporter is a Folktale user who collects stories from participants in the field.

Users should be assigned a Field Reporter if they need to:

  • Generate stories ad-hoc, without waiting for a story invitation

  • Generate multiple stories on-demand, using Story Presets


A Contributor is a user who has a Folktale account and contributes their story in response to a story invitation.

Users should be assigned as a Contributor if they want to:

  • Have ongoing access to the stories they have contributed over time in their 'My Stories' page

  • See reactions to their contributions in their 'My Stories' page

The benefit for an Insights Manager of a Contributor having a permanent Folktale account is that:

  • It is easier to regularly invite them to contribute their stories

  • They can be tracked and notified when they start but do not submit a story in progress

  • They can be added to teams for easy management of invitations.


A Guest is a user who has been invited to contribute to a story invitation but has chosen not to create a Folktale account.

Users should be given the option to participate as a Guest contributor if:

  • They do not have an email address to create a Folktale account

  • They want to contribute anonymously

  • They will make Folktale contributions infrequently.

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