How to Sign out of your Folktale Account

Step One: Navigate to the Sign Out option

In the top navigation bar, click on your profile icon to see the option to Sign out.

Step Two: Click Sign Out

If you are logged into Folktale on more than one device you may also sign out from there by clicking Also sign out from everywhere that I am signed in.

Signing out of a Guest Account

  • If you are using a Guest account, please note that any story that has not been submitted will be lost.

  • As a guest user, once you sign out, you cannot sign back into your account unless you link your account with your email address or create a passkey.

⚠️How to ensure you don't lose unsaved data

  • If you started filming a story and haven’t submitted it or clicked 'Upload and build preview', you will lose your recorded clips when you sign out.

  • To ensure your clips are saved to the cloud, It is recommended that you upload your existing shots by clicking Upload & Build Preview on the Creating your story page.

  • By uploading your shots, your story in progress will be safely stored and will not be removed when you sign-out.

How do I know whether my data has been uploaded to the cloud?

A yellow label means that your data has not been uploaded to the cloud.

Stories that have been marked as On Device have not been uploaded to the cloud.

Clips or information that have been marked upload pending have not been uploaded to the cloud.

Ensure that you click 'Upload and build preview' to save things to the cloud for your next log in.

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