What is the My Stories page?

The My Stories page is your personal space on Folktale.

Here you can access all of your invitations, stories in progress and submitted stories.

Navigating to My Stories

  • If you are a Guest, a Contributor, or a Field Reporter, you will be automatically directed to the My Stories page once you sign in.

  • Insights Managers and Admins can click on the My Stories tab in the top navigation bar (on desktop) or on your profile icon to see the dropdown menu (on mobile devices.)

From desktop:

From mobile device:

What can I do in My Stories page?

Within My Stories you can:

View pending invitations

Any pending workspace or story invitations you receive will be visible within the My Stories page. You can click Accept to join the workspace or Decline.

View Story Presets (Field Reporters, Insights Managers & Admins)

  • If you are a Field Reporter, an Insights Manager, or an Admin, story presets created for your workspace will be accessible in My Stories.

View or Cancel Stories in Progress

  • If you've been invited to contribute a story, or started a story but not submitted it, you will find it here in My Stories under Pending.

  • You are also able to cancel your story in progress.

View Submitted Stories

  • Once you submit a story, it will be visible under the Submitted heading on the My Stories page.

  • You are able to playback or download your videos to your device.

Withdraw Consent

If in some cases you may wish to withdraw consent for a story you have already submitted. See Withdrawing consent for a submitted story to read more.

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